Join us!

We offer training in the following areas:

  • Techniques for the synthesis and handling of air- and moisture-sensitive organometallic complexes (Schlenk technique, glovebox)
  • Characterisation of compounds by spectroscopic and crystallographic techniques
  • Computational chemistry for the prediction, bonding analysis and understanding of reactivity of metal complexes

If you are interested to join the group for a Bachelor or Master thesis or research internships for Master students please contact Dr. Lisa Vondung with a brief comment on what you’d be interested to work on.

We are currently looking for motivated PhD students for projects on the coordination chemistry of f-elements. The positions will be located at the University of Hamburg with an anticipated starting date of 1 July 2023. Details and the application portal can be found here: Position 1, position 2. Applications should be submitted only through the application portal. For further questions please email

Currently there are no open positions for PostDocs, but interested candidates are welcome to contact Dr. Lisa Vondung with a CV and brief statement on what kind of project they would like to pursue in the group to discuss other funding options (DAAD, DFG, Humboldt Foundation, EU etc.).