Welcome to the Vondung group!

We are a young research group established in spring 2021 at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Göttingen, Germany. We are interested in fundamental actinide coordination chemistry, more specifically of uranium. Our work encompasses the synthesis of air- and moisture-sensitive coordination and organometallic compounds and their crystallographic and spectroscopic investigation, as well as investigation of their reactivity. Furthermore we are interested in computational chemistry and employ quantum chemical methods to help us understand unusual bonding situations and reactivities.


March 2023: The group will be moving to Hamburg

Lisa has accepted an offer for a junior professorship with tenure track of the University of Hamburg, which means that the group will move further north in the coming months! This also means we’re looking for motivated PhD students to join the team (see “Join us!” for details).

February 2023: Piet starts his Bachelor thesis

Piet joined the group for his Bachelor thesis. We are happy to have you here and are looking forward to some nice chemistry!

January 2023: Robert starts as a research assistant

After completing his research internship, Robert joins forces with Jan as a student research assistant on the Daimler and Benz Stiftung project. Welcome back!

December 2022: Ying starts her Bachelor thesis

Welcome to Ying, who is carrying out her Bachelor thesis in the group. Best of luck with the chemistry and enjoy your time!

November 2022: Sophia and Robert started their internships

Welcome to Sophia and Robert who are both doing a research internship with us this semester!

September 2022: Jan and Niclas (re)joined the group

Jan is back as a student research assistant on a project funded by the Daimler und Benz Stiftung and Niclas has started his research internship.

June 2022: Daniel joined the group

A warm welcome to Daniel for his research internship!

May 2022: Leander joined the group

The group is growing: We welcome Leander for a research intership!

May 2022: Christian joined the group

We are very happy to welcome Christian into the group as the first PhD student!

April 2022: Leonard and Jan (re)joined the group

Welcome back to Leonard, who returned to the group to start his Master thesis. Jan joined us this month as well for a research internship. We’re looking forward to some exciting chemistry!

February 2022: Anatoly joined the group

We welcome Anatoly for his research internship on the reactivity of uranium complexes.

October 2021: Petr joined the group

A warm welcome to Petr, who is carrying out a research internship on the computational aspects of our work.

June 2021: Leonard joined the group

Leonard started his research internship as the first student in the group. Welcome and have fun!

June 2021: Website is online!